Our Software

Enables infrared thermal cameras to be non-invasive core body temperature thermometers.


  • FLEXIBLITY: User-controlled Measurement frequency – one-time, interval, or continuous. Customized data reporting.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac & Linux). Android and iOS coming soon.
  • PERFORMANCE: Unmatched accuracy and quick response time.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Easy to operate from cloud or local machine, intuitive, and works with most infrared cameras.
  • SECURITY: Encrypted data with high security cloud architecture.

Table Top, Floor Stand and Handheld Cameras
Wearable Eye Tracking Glasses
Shared Digital Healthcare
Phone, Tablets, Homecare and Kiosks


  • CLOUD SOLUTION: XTEMPIR can run exclusively from cloud with minimum setup time.
  • EMBEDDED SOLUTION: XTEMPIR can support existing platforms, systems, and/or hardware as a back-end solution
  • DESKTOP SOLUTION: XTEMPIR can run as a full-stack solution from a local machine with cloud access for encrypted data reporting.
  • SMARTPHONE APP SOLUTION: Under development.

We offer XTEMPIR

Home Edition Customers use their local machines with support of infrared and digital cameras provided or recommended by BIOSNS.

Enterprise Edition Customers use hardware and software provided by BIOSNS tailored to their need.

How It Works

    Locate the eye surfaces from digital and thermal cameras using facial landmark detection
    Consolidates eye surface thermal image sequences, environmental conditions, and camera information for real-time thermal analysis by XTEMP-TA.
    A computational core that validates data status and determines the core body temperature.